How can I contact the organisers?
By e-mail on info@highlandcross.co.uk or by telephoning 07729 892 702.

How do I get a team entry to Highland Cross?

The event is full for 2020.
List opens on 1st September 2020 to new applicants for 2021.  E-mail us on info@highlandcross.co.uk early on the morning of 1st September 2020 to request to be put on the team application list for 2021.  The list usually closes very shortly thereafter due to being oversubscribed (in recent years the list has been closed by 11am). Being on the list does not guarantee a team place in Highland Cross – it merely guarantees that the team contact will be offered an entry and if successful in the ballot, will be invited to take part.


What are the provisional dates for Highland Cross for future years?

Highland Cross is held on the Saturday which falls between 17th and 23rd June each year.  The dates for 2020 onwards are as follows:

  • 20th June 2020

  • 19th June 2021

  • 18th June 2022

  • 17th June 2023

What is the minimum age for entrants?

You must be 18 or over on the day of the event.   (No maximum age limit, yet!)

How much is it to enter?
£50 per person (£150 per team). 

When do entries open?

All priority registered teams, and all those who successfully requested an application form on 2nd September 2019 when the list opened up to the public, will be sent information during October regarding the application process and using SiEntries system again for the event in 2020.  The link to apply for a team will be sent out on Tuesday 7th January 2020 via SiEntries to all team contacts/entry owners.  The deadline for applications is 23.59hrs on 31st January 2020.

When will I know if my team has been invited?
Ballot takes place between 1st and 14th February and team contacts will be notified on or after 18th February if successful and requested to make payment  by 10th March of the entry fee of £150 (3 x £50).  Once payment is received, each participant will be given their entry number along with a link to download the Team Member Information Booklet and Sponsor Sheet when it becomes available around the end of March.

All unsuccessful teams from the ballot will be informed on or after 18 February and should note 1st September 2020 is the date for requesting a team application for 2021 by emailing info@highlandcross.co.uk early on that date.


How do I pay for my team entry?

The email confirming your team has been invited to take part in Highland Cross 2020 will take you directly to the payment process by editing the entry to a full one.  However if not paying immediately, team contacts will find their entry after logging in to SiEntries in My Entries/Memberships.   The invite will expire on 10th March if payment of the team entry (£150) is not made by then, and your place will be offered to one of the unsuccessful teams in the ballot. 


Can team be a mix of runners and walkers?
Yes, it can be any combination of runners/walkers.

Can you change from runner to walker and vice versa?
Yes through your team contact - he/she can update electronically any changes.  Please intimate changes as early as possible to ensure organisers have the correct numbers of buses at each timing and location.

Does a team of runners/walkers have to stick together on the route?
No, each member can go at their own pace and team position is based on the aggregate finishing positions. 
You are only entering as a team in respect of team prizes and the obligation to raise the minimum £500 team sponsorship.

What happens if a team member pulls out before the race and no replacement can be found? Can the team still enter?
Yes, but teams should always consist of 3 members to qualify for prizes. No team will be disqualified for having 2 or even 1 member taking part at the last minute due to injuries etc.

Substitutes will be accepted up until the Monday before the event.   All substitutions must be done by the Team Entry Owner on SiEntries.  The organisers reserve the right to refuse any substitute application.  N
o substitutions will be accepted on the day of the event.

Substitutes – the "Team Entry Owner" can process a substitution within the team from 15 April until 5pm on15 June 2020.  They should log into SiEntries, click on "Edit Team" and then go the team member withdrawing from the event and click on "Substitute" alongside their name to load on the substitute's details.   Even if the Entry Owner is being substituted out of the event, they are the only person who can make changes to the team's details and preferences, other than Elizabeth Christie at the Admin office (info@highlandcross.co.uk).

If a team cannot find a substitute themselves, they can contact the organisers as they sometimes have names of people who would compete and who they could put in touch with the team.


What time do runners and walkers leave from Kintail?

Runners and joggers all leave at the main start at 11.00am from Kintail.  Walkers leave 2 hours earlier at 9.00am.

If I take a bag to the start of the event, can it be taken back to the finish in Beauly for me?
Yes, there is a “Bag Van” at the start and at the changeover points of the event so that competitors may leave their belongings to be transported back to Beauly for them. All bags should have a competitor number tag attached to identify them.

How much sponsor money do I need to raise?

Each team pledges to raise a minimum of £500 for nominated charities. Highland Cross is itself a charity and annually nominates principal beneficiary charities so all fundraising from the event is paid first to Highland Cross who then distribute it to the charities for their selected projects.  (See Charities section of website for current year’s nominated charities).


Can participants raise funds for their own chosen charities as opposed to the Highland Cross nominated charities?
Highland Cross does not permit participants to use the event to raise funds for causes other than those nominated by the Organisers nor does it allow participants to select which of the basket of charities that their fundraising will support.

The event is created and delivered by a totally voluntary group and much of the staffing comes from charities who have benefitted in the past or who are nominated to benefit from the current event. Even beneficiaries of "Small Grants" are asked to make their efforts available to deliver the event. It is only through this community of interest structure that the event can be delivered as cost effectively as it is. It would therefore be totally unfair if a charity that did not contribute to the creation and delivery of the event was to benefit from it.


Team Member Information Booklet will be available to download here from end of March 2020.


Sponsor Sheet will be available to download here from end of March 2020.


Wonderful - link to set up a fundraising page for 2020 will be available here from end of March 2020


All sponsor money donated through Wonderful is paid directly to Highland Cross on a monthly basis and we have access to a complete breakdown of the amounts received by this method in order to ensure that all amounts are credited to team totals.


Justgiving - link for setting up a fundraising page for 2020 event will be available here from end of March 2020


All sponsor money donated through Justgiving is paid directly into the Highland Cross bank account and we have access to a complete breakdown of the amounts received by this method in order to ensure that all amounts are credited to team totals.  Competitors who raise their money through Justgiving do not need to send anything further to the organisers - the team contact will be notified in early September of the total amount raised by his/her team and is asked to get in touch with the organisers should he/she disagree with this total.


Virgin Money Giving donations - link to set up fundraising page for 2020 event will be available here from end of March 2020


As with Wonderful and Justgiving, all sponsor money donated through Virgin Money Giving is paid directly into the Highland Cross bank account.  Competitors who raise their money through this method do not need to send anything further to the organisers


Where do I send sponsor money?

Sponsor money should be banked (details below) or send cheque(s) to Highland Cross, Redwood, 19 Culduthel Road, Inverness, IV2 4AA, with competitor number on reverse of cheque (along with sponsor sheets if applicable, to enable gift aid to be claimed).


If you wish to pay by online banking, the sponsorship account details are:


Account name:  Highland Cross

Account no:  00439605

Sort code:  80-91-26


Please quote your surname and competitor number in the payment reference e.g.  SMITH  123

Where do I send my completed sponsor sheets?

Please send to Highland Cross Organisers, Redwood, 19 Culduthel Road, Inverness, IV2 4AA.  Please write your name and competitor number on the top of each sheet.



The Sign Centre, 33 Harbour Road, Inverness, IV1 1UG (tel: 01463 716060) produce the t-shirts etc each year prior to the event.  An order form is available here. 


Lost Property
If a competitor forgets to collect any of their belongings after the event, please contact James Campbell, Beauly on 01463 783939 or 07599 722 420.