HIGHLAND CROSS - the unique coast to coast midsummer charity duathlon




Gerry Grant and Graham MacLean

A huge number of people are involved in putting the Highland Cross together.  Many assist on the day, while others have an all-year-round involvement.  Many volunteers continue to assist year after year, and some have been involved since the start of the event in 1983. 


Special mention should particularly be made of the tremendous contribution by Gerry Grant and Graham MacLean over the first 20 years of the event.  Their success in setting up and organising the event over such a long period means that they will always be associated with the Cross.


Ably assisted by their wives, Sheila and Sandra, they co-ordinated competitors, helpers and charities to make the Cross into an event which in recent years has always been so popular that many potential competitors have had to be turned away.  Gerry continues to be involved as one of the members of the independent panel who select the charities to be assisted each year.


If you have enjoyed, or benefited from, the Highland Cross in any way over past years, then this would only have been possible with the help of the volunteers who have so willingly assisted, and particularly Gerry and Graham.

Highland Cross